Lost Your Car Keys? 3 Ways To Get Into Your Car

Walking up to your car and discovering that you don't have the keys to get into it can be a terrible feeling. If the windows are rolled up all the way, you may worry that you'll have to find another way home. You might need some of the items in the car too. Befor you panic, try these suggestions, if possible. Use a Hanger The first thing you'll want to attempt is to get a wire hanger to lift up or jiggle the door lock. Read More 

Home Security Ideas For Your Adult Child’s First Apartment

The move to a first apartment is an exciting time in your adult child's life, but it can make you nervous. You may be concerned about his or her safety and security when not under your roof. Fortunately, you and your locksmith can put a few safety measures in place to help keep your child safe in a new home. Here are just a few ideas to consider. Add Key Pad Locks Read More 

Ideas On Where To Install A Hidden Gun Safe

If you own one firearms, gun safes are definitely the most secure method of storing them. Unfortunately, if a gun safe is installed in an area that is visible to an intruder, they may have quicker access to the firearm than you will. Another problem is if the safe is in a room different from where you are at the time an intruder enters the house, you won't have access to the safe. Read More 

Two Unique Locks That Your Locksmith Can Install For You

When homeowners think of the locks on their house, they often imagine the traditional deadbolt as the best way to secure their home. There are now some modern locks that use technology in unique ways that can replace those old-fashioned deadbolts. If you are a novice when it comes to lock replacement, know that both of these locks can be installed by a locksmith. Biometric Locks Everyone loves the ability to use their fingerprint to unlock their phone due to its simplicity and convenience. Read More 

Tips For Freeing A Key Stuck In A Lock

You depend upon your locks to function well so that your home remains secure. This can backfire spectacularly if your key gets stuck in the lock, since this means you can't lock your door properly. The following tips can help you handle this issue so you can leave your home locked up and secure without wasting too much time trying to fix the lock. Tip #1: Stabilize the lock A common cause of a stuck key is that the center locking mechanism on the doorknob or deadbolt has become loose. Read More