Lost Your Car Keys? 3 Ways To Get Into Your Car

Walking up to your car and discovering that you don't have the keys to get into it can be a terrible feeling. If the windows are rolled up all the way, you may worry that you'll have to find another way home. You might need some of the items in the car too. Befor you panic, try these suggestions, if possible.

Use a Hanger

The first thing you'll want to attempt is to get a wire hanger to lift up or jiggle the door lock. This can be helpful if you've been visiting a friend likely to have such a hanger or a retail area where you may be able to get one quickly. You'll have to untwist part of the hanger and fashion it into a straight piece with a curved or hooked end to catch on the lock so you can lift it. Insert the now-mostly straight wire in between the rubber door seal and the window and try to disengage the lock. You should see and hear it unlock if you're successful.

Get an Inflatable Wedge

Another way to help yourself back into your car is to purchase an inflatable, plastic wedge. The wedge starts out flat and you can position it between the window and the rubber door seal. Then, begin to slowly inflate the wedge. As it expands, you should start to see that the window separates from the seal, giving you enough room to slip a wire hanger in the space to lift or move the lock or to actually reach in and unlock it with your hand.

Make a Call

If you belong to an auto service, now's the time to call them. They can send a technician to your location and help you right away. If you don't have that resource available to you, the police are a good bet. Your local police may ask for identification or proof that you own the vehicle, but they have the right tools to open a car door quickly.

One of these tips will open a car door when you've lost your keys; if so, you can get into the car and retrieve anything necessary. Your next task, if you've got no extra keys, will be to contact a locksmith company, like The Lock Shop, or your local auto dealer to have new car keys made so that you can drive the car home and operate it in the future.