Ideas On Where To Install A Hidden Gun Safe

If you own one firearms, gun safes are definitely the most secure method of storing them. Unfortunately, if a gun safe is installed in an area that is visible to an intruder, they may have quicker access to the firearm than you will. Another problem is if the safe is in a room different from where you are at the time an intruder enters the house, you won't have access to the safe. For example, many people consider installing gun safes in their garage or basement, which are the two hardest locations to get to if you need to protect your family and the temperature variations can have an effect on the firearms. Hidden gun safes are an option and in most situations they can be installed in any area of your house. Here are a just a few ideas of where to install a hidden gun safe.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding your gun safe in "plain sight" makes it easy for you to have access, yet difficult to access for children and others who shouldn't have them. This type of gun safe is typically designed to be hidden in a wall, behind a framed picture or other type of decorative object. A wall safe is generally mounted in the wall between two studs and the door is mounted flush against the wall. These types of safes are often installed in a closet for extra anonymity.

Hidden in Furniture

Nightstands, end tables, coffee tables and bookshelves are only a few of the types of furniture that you can hide a gun safe in. For example, a gun safe can be installed in a bookshelf and be disguised to look like a group of books. Simply have the gun safe installed, leaving a few inches in the front and sides of the safe to place decoy books; actual books can be placed on the sides of the safe and laid flat on top of the safe.

Hidden in Home Decor

Clocks, mirrors and picture frames are some of the home decor items that can be used to conceal a gun safe. For example, a mantle clock with a wide body will not attract attention, but will be ideal for concealing your firearm. Books with a locking metal gun box inside are some of the least expensive choices for gun safes, yet they are easy to use as part of your home decor.

An advantage to hidden gun safes is that they are efficient, effective and easy to access. It is important to choose an appropriate size safe for the firearms you want to hide. It is also essential that you put the safe in a location that children will not have access to. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Southern California Security Centers.