Three Steps To Take If Your Pet Is Locked In The Car

Many pets like to go on rides. It gives them time to be with their owners, and it gives them a chance to view and smell never-before-seen areas. If you are taking your pet to the vet or groomer, they will need to be in the car to go back and forth from these places. If your pet is accidentally locked in the car on the way back from a trip, you may be frantic to get them out. Given that pets can overheat quickly, you will need to take immediate action to unlock your pet from the vehicle. Here are some steps to follow if you accidentally lock your pet in your vehicle. 

Pry open the trunk

If you have just locked your pet in your vehicle and you do not have an extra key, getting them out is your first worry. One of the best ways to get a pet out of the car without breaking a window is to pry open the trunk. Avoiding a broken window is one of the best ways to keep your pet safe from the glass shattering. Many cars will have push-down seats that allow the center back seat to be pushed down from inside of the trunk. Most SUVs have open air space between the trunk and the seats of the vehicle. Trunks are also not a safety concern in most cars. Attempt to pry open the truck to get your pet out first. 

Call a residential locksmith

As you are getting your pet out of the vehicle, call a residential locksmith at a company like Alpha Locksmith. Locksmiths will be able to open up your lock and even fit you with a new key. If your car has an electronic key only, they will be able to open the door and create a brand-new electronic key. Getting a residential locksmith to your location will take very little time in most cases, giving you time to get the trunk open and your pet out. 

Purchase water

Even if your pet is only locked in the vehicle for 10 minutes or so, the heat of the car can easily dehydrate a pet. Get a bottle of cold water and a vessel for the dog to drink in. Once the dog is removed from the vehicle, allow it to get water and to remain in the open air. Putting water on the dog's paws and skin will also help them to cool down before continuing inside.