The Benefits Of Smart Locks For Your Business

Does your business have more and more employees who need to enter your building as you continue to grow and expand? Do you have people who need access to the building even when you or another manager is not around? Do you want to better track who is entering your building? It may be possible to accomplish all of these goals and more by talking to a local locksmith about setting up a smart lock system. Here are just some of the benefits that a smart lock system can provide for your company.

The Convenience of Keyless Entry

With a smart lock system, you may be able to stop using physical keys going forward. You could keep credentials on a badge each employee carries with them, or you could allow entry using a smartphone app. This may allow you to avoid issues where people lose their physical keys and then you have to rekey the locks in order to protect the business. It's also simply more convenient to be able to enter the building without pausing to insert and turn a physical key into the lock.

Additional Security Measures

If you want to ramp up security as your business grows, smart lock systems can provide even more authentication options than what you currently have available. You could consider using fingerprint authentication or face recognition to make sure only authorized employees are entering the building or a specific part of your office.

Remote Access or Guest Entry

Once your smart lock system is set up, you may be able to allow someone until the building when you are not there. You could check the front door from a security camera that sends the video to your computer or smartphone and tap a button that will let that person inside. You may also be able to set up a temporary entry pass for someone who will be coming and going over the course of a full day or week.

Document All Entries

A smart lock system can also document which employee's credentials are being used to get in and out of the building. This may help you track who is in the building at any given time. You could use this information for a security audit or even in case of an emergency where you need to make sure all employees are out of the building.

Contact a Local Locksmith

Get your business set up with a smart lock system by contacting a local locksmith. Locksmiths today can do much more than help you with a physical key and lock. Boost your company's security while providing daily convenience for yourself and other employees by installing a smart lock system.

Contact a locksmith for more information.