4 Things To Have A Locksmith Do After Purchasing A Home

If you recently closed on a home and were given the keys, one of the first things you are going to want to do is actually throw those keys away. Here are a few tasks that are worth hiring a locksmith to take care of when you buy a home.

Change The Locks

You never know how many copies of the keys are out there when you purchase your home. While you can go out and buy new door handles and deadbolts from your local home improvement store, it is a very costly and ineffective way to get this job done. 

You'll want to hire a locksmith so that they can rekey all of the existing locks in your home so that they use a new key. You won't have to worry about buying matching hardware and installing it yourself, since a locksmith handles the entire rekeying process for you. In addition, you can even have every lock of your home matched so that it uses a single key, which will simplify figuring out which key works on each door.  

Add Deadbolts

Sometimes changing the locks is not enough to improve the security of your new home. It's possible that the main entry doors are lacking a deadbolt, which is much more secure than a simple locking handle. If you've never installed a deadbolt before, know that it's something that can be difficult to do and requires a few special tools. A locksmith can install that deadbolt for you and make sure the key matches the other locks.

Secure Windows

Having windows that lock properly is just as important as your main doors when it comes to securing your home. While your locksmith is rekeying locks and adding deadbolts, you should have them inspect the locks on your windows and let you know what can be improved. A previous owner may have improperly installed a latch, for example, which can be easily fixed by a locksmith. 

Install A Safe

Are you looking to take a safe to your new home and want to make sure it is secure? Another task that a locksmith can perform is installing a safe in a way so that it cannot be removed. Anything that can prevent the safe from being moved out of your home and opened in a secondary location is going to ensure that the contents of your safe right where they belong.