Small Business Owners: Is It Difficult To Install An Access Control System?

Does your small business require access control? This is basically acknowledging that different employees should only be granted unsupervised access to certain parts of the premises, much like a security clearance, and it depends on which parts of your premises they need to enter in order to perform their duties. Is access control easy to arrange?

Restricting Access

There are many reasons why you might wish to restrict access to certain areas within your business. Your own office can be like your business's inner sanctum, and you certainly wouldn't want free, unrestricted access to this room. The same can go for your store room or perhaps your factory floor or even locker rooms. It really depends on the nature of your business. So how do you go about only enabling access to key parts of your premises for each staff member, depending on their role?

Swipe and Keypad Access

You have two options, neither of which are especially complicated. You can call a commercial locksmith to replace your internal locks with electronic access control locks. These can be opened via a swipe card system, with each employee's swipe card granting them access to the areas that you deem to be applicable. As the name of the general system might suggest, access control locks are all about controlling access. Your business doesn't have employee ID cards that could be upgraded to swipe cards, nor do you want to? No problem. The same principle can be applied to a keypad lock, with each staff member only receiving the entry codes to each room they're authorized to enter. 

Manual Access

You might be thinking that installing an entirely new lock system is going to be expensive. While it's not as costly as you might think, these costs can add up when you have multiple areas to differentiate, each with its own lock. You don't necessarily need an electronic option. Consider having each existing lock rekeyed. You will receive a master key that can open each and every lock on your premises, with each employee receiving a key that can only open the areas they're authorized to enter. This is a wonderfully old school solution, and a commercial locksmith can rekey a lock within minutes, issuing new keys on the spot. 

Whether you decide on an electronic or manual option, creating access control throughout your business premises isn't a demanding task and can significantly increase your security. Reach out to a commercial locksmith for more information.