Reasons To Change Your Locks After A Break-In Attempt At Your Home

If someone attempted to break into your house while you were away, you should call in an emergency locksmith to get the problem addressed immediately. Many emergency locksmiths recommend a change of locks in such situations even if the locks haven't been damaged. Here are some common reasons lock replacement is generally recommended by professional locksmiths after an attempted break-in at your home. 

To Ensure the Security of Your Home

As a homeowner, you should never ignore the signs of tampered locks, especially if they show that there was an attempted entry into your home. Locks that have been messed with may no longer work properly, leaving your home vulnerable to break-ins.  

If you see the signs that your locks have been tampered with, you should have them replaced immediately. This will help to burglar-proof your home in case intruders return. Sometimes, the indications of a tampered lock are obvious. For example, when your door frame is visibly deformed as a result of brute force applied against the locks.

In other situations, the signs that your locks have been messed with are less obvious. For example, when there are fresh, tiny scratches around the keyhole showing that someone tried to pick your locks. 

Whether the signs of lock tampering are obvious or subtle, you should get your locks replaced to maximize the security of your home. Otherwise, the next attempt to break into your home might be successful.

You don't have to replace your tampered locks with a similar type of locks. Your emergency locksmith can upgrade your locks for added security. 

To Restore Your Sense of Security

Finding that your residential locks have been compromised can shatter your sense of security. In such situations, it is recommended that you don't go into your home to see if you can catch the perpetrator. Instead, report the incident to the police so they can come and investigate.

Once the police have taken your statement and gathered the necessary evidence, call in a locksmith to change your locks. Getting new locks fitted can help to make you feel safe in your home again.

You shouldn't feel unsafe in your own home. Unfortunately, break-in attempts can make you lose your sense of security. Replacing your tampered locks will help secure your home but also make you feel safe again. Don't hesitate to contact an emergency locksmith near you if you suspect that your residential locks have been messed with. Contact an emergency locksmith for more information.