3 Top Instances When You Should Replace Your Locks

Replacing locks is one of the most sought-after locksmith services. You can replace your locks at any time and as many times as you would want, but there are times when this is more of a necessity than it is a preference.

For all types of premises, residential or commercial, here are some of the times when you must think about replacing your locks as signs that it is indeed time for this replacement.

After a Break-In

If intruders or burglars could successfully break into your home once, they can do it again. From picking your locks to lock bumping, burglars have perfected some techniques that grant them unauthorized entry.

Scratch marks and fine bits of shiny metal around the keyhole are easy-to-pick signs that your locks have been tampered with recently. Whether or not you can see these signs, if intruders got past your current lock system, then it is definitely time to call a locksmith for a replacement.

Locks Suffering Structural Damage

Away from break-ins and break-in attempts, your locks may become structurally damaged because of a wide range of reasons. Natural wear and tear, for starters, if your lock has had a very long service life. Your lock may also get damaged following a poor operation.

If your locks stick and don't turn as easily anymore, then you may want to get a locksmith to replace them. Such damaged locks are easier to pick, not to mention the fact that opening and closing doors with such locks is quite the nightmare.

When You Can't Account for Keys

Keys get misplaced all the time. Keys also get stolen all the time. Either way, if you cannot account for yours, you'd rather be safe than sorry. There is no telling in whose hands these keys may land. This also applies to spare keys that you may have given out to trusted friends and family for safekeeping.

Without your keys, gaining access to your premises will be problematic, and you will need to call your locksmith as a matter of urgency. That aside, you should get your locks replaced as soon as possible to stay ahead of a possible unauthorized entry by those who find or have the keys.

Always Choose Better

For any one of the highlighted instances, you have the perfect opportunity to upgrade your locks to something better. You can talk to your locksmith about the options that suit your budget with the confidence that it will certainly be money well-spent.

For further tips, reach out to a locksmith near you.