2 Lock Options To Consider For Your Home

Hiring a locksmith to replace every one of the locks on your exterior doors is a good option due to the fact that the locksmith can provide you with a number of more effective locking options than the ones that you currently have on your home. Listed below are just two lock options to consider for your home.

Consider Smart Locks

One of the first types of locks that you should consider for your home is a smart lock. Smart locks actually comprise a wide range of different locks that utilize several different types of technology to actually let you access your home. For example, one common type of smart lock out there is a lock that is designed to detect either a dongle that you keep on your keychain or a particular cell phone that has the right app installed in order to allow an individual to unlock the door at the touch of a button.

In addition, you can also get locks that simply open as soon as you tap the edge of the lock or door handle when an authorized app or dongle is within range. This particular option is ideal for opening the door of your home when you have your hands full after a grocery run or if you are carrying anything bulky or large in your hands and don't want to have to fumble around looking for your keys. 

Consider Fingerprint Deadbolt Locks

Another option to consider when trying to replace the locks on your home is a fingerprint deadbolt lock. The nice part about these locks is that they are extremely effective at preventing you or someone in your family from ending up locked out of your home and having to break into your own house.

Now, the reason for this is such a great option is that not only is it able to allow you and other authorized individuals to access the home quite easily without needing to carry keys, but they're also extremely secure. In many cases, these locks will have a very strong housing that will prevent them from being forced open and will often have an alarm system built-in that will start setting off a high pitched noise in order to alert everyone in the area if someone attempts to break the lock or force it.

Speak with a locksmith service today to discuss what locks would be the best fit for your home and your particular needs. Two the best locking options to consider installing on your home are smart locks and fingerprint deadbolt locks. Contact a locksmith, like Redmond's Aviation Lock & Key for more help.