Two Routine Lock Problems Homeowners May Encounter

When it comes to securing your home, the locks on your doors play a critical role. Yet, it is possible for locks to encounter a number of problems that can cause them to fail. Sadly, new homeowners may not be fully aware of the steps that can be taken when their locks develop problems. If you know the answers to the following couple of questions, you will be in a better position to correct issues with your locks.

What Can Be Done When A Key Breaks Off In The Lock?

Unfortunately, there may come a day when you turn the key and have it break in half. This can leave half of the key wedged deep within the lock, and it can present a serious problem with how to get into your house because you will be unable to use your spare key until the damaged key is removed. A potential fix for this problem is to use a powerful magnet to extract the key from the lock. Also, it may be possible to use needle nose pliers to pull the key fragment from the lock.

If these steps are unsuccessful, you will need to contact an experienced locksmith to remove the key. These professionals have tools that are specifically designed for these circumstances, and when these tools are unsuccessful, the locksmith can disassemble the lock to remove it.

Why Is The Deadbolt Unable To Turn?

Deadbolt locks can greatly increase the security of your home, but these locks may eventually fail to turn. This can occur when the bolt becomes misaligned. When it is misaligned, it will collide with the door frame or metal guides.

If this problem is caused due to the bolt being loose, you might be able to correct the problem by tightening any loose screws on the lock. However, when the deadbolt has been bent, it will need to be replaced, and this should only be done by a trained professional. Failure to correctly install the deadbolt can compromise the safety of the lock, and for this reason, homeowners should always leave this work to experienced locksmiths.

Ensuring that your home is as safe and secure as possible will require you to have an understanding about how to address some of the common problems that locks might experience. More precisely, if you know what can be done when a key breaks in your lock and a deadbolt fails to turn, it should be easier for you to keep your family and possessions safe.

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