How To Make Your Windows More Secure

Your windows are the most vulnerable parts of your home when it comes to security. Fortunately, there are things you can do on the inside and outside to make them less accessible to intruders. Here are some ways you can make your windows more secure.

Block Access

Make it difficult for intruders to get to your windows from the outside. Plant prickly bushes or plants under your windows. Be careful the plants don't create cover where intruders can hide. The plants should be shorter than the window and shaped so intruders can't crouch behind them. Choose varieties that have thorns or sharp leaves, so they scratch anyone trying to climb over them. Don't forget about your upper level windows. While you can't plant bushes beneath them, you want to limit access by removing tree limbs or a trellis that makes it easy to climb up to the windows.

Upgrade Windows

If your windows are old, the frames may not be tight. This could make it easier for an intruder to pry them open. If you have the budget, consider buying newer windows that have improved locking mechanisms. You could even consider buying glass that is very difficult to break. While you want your windows to be hard to break into from the outside, they should still be easy to open from the inside. If there is a fire or other emergency, you want to be able to open the windows quickly, so you can escape.

Install An Alarm System

Home security alarm systems from a company like Island Lock & Safe Inc have various features that make your windows more secure. You can set the alarm to detect the window opening or the glass breaking. You could also set up the alarm to detect the weight of someone stepping through the window and standing on the floor. A motion detector system will pick up movement of someone lurking around your windows. A motion detector on the outside can shine lights on your windows when someone gets too close. Motion detectors on the inside can turn on the lights or sound an alarm when an intruder is detected.

Don't forget to set your alarm and lock your windows. You can buy the most secure windows on the market, but if you go off and leave a window open, an intruder can come right inside. The same is true for your alarm system. Keep it on, even when you are home, for the best protection. You may enjoy having your windows open for the breeze to blow inside, but make sure they are always closed when you sleep or leave the house. Burglars are opportunists. They strike when they see a house that appears easy to break into. Make your home look as secure as possible, so intruders won't be tempted by easy access.