Two Unique Locks That Your Locksmith Can Install For You

When homeowners think of the locks on their house, they often imagine the traditional deadbolt as the best way to secure their home. There are now some modern locks that use technology in unique ways that can replace those old-fashioned deadbolts. If you are a novice when it comes to lock replacement, know that both of these locks can be installed by a locksmith.

Biometric Locks

Everyone loves the ability to use their fingerprint to unlock their phone due to its simplicity and convenience. Were you aware that this same technology already exists for locks on your home? Biometric locks work by using an image of your fingerprint, and won't unlock unless that same fingerprint is used to open the door. Many homeowners love this feature, because they can let people into their home without having to give up a key. While keys can easily be copied, it is simple to revoke access by removing someone's fingerprint from the allowed list of users. You can use it to let in a pet sitter, landlord, or even someone renting a room.

If you are worried about the reliability of this technology, then know that there is no reason to be concerned. Biometric locks are often paired with a key option to open the door. This gives you a backup in case you have a power outage, or the lock is having difficulty verifying your fingerprint.

Smart Locks

You disarm your car alarm with a key fob, so doesn't it make sense to do the same thing with your home? If so, then the newest trend in home automation may be right up your alley. Smart locks connect to the internet to work with your smart phone, and help simplify the security of your home.

Much like biometric locks, smart locks easily allow you to give and revoke access to your home. All they need is access to the lock's smart phone app, and you can give access to your home to those that need it. Since the lock communicates with your smart phone, you can be notified when somebody uses the lock. This can give you peace of mind that your kids came home from school, or that your dog walker actually came to take the dog for a walk.  

These are only two examples of unique locks that you can have installed in your home. For help with the installation, contact a local locksmith service.